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Total shoulder arthroplasty

Scott W. Trenhaile, MD

A total shoulder arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that resurfaces both sides of the shoulder joint with implantable components.

This procedure is typically performed for various reasons, including treatment of conditions such as shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff tears, or fractures.

Scott Trenhaile, MD, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, showcases the seamless integration of the RSQ HOLO system in the operating room during a shoulder replacement surgery. Watch this video to see the RSQ HOLO system in action in the operating room during a total shoulder arthroplasty, performed by Scott Trenhaile, MD.

Holograms in surgical procedure shoulder arthroplasty

During the procedure, Dr. Trenhaile also used a stereotaxic navigation system with real-time guidance to increase accuracy and precision in placement of his implantable components during shoulder replacement surgery.

The RSQ HOLO system allowed him to stream a live virtual screen of the navigation interface in the sterile field as well as display versatile 3D holographic models that could be adjusted as needed.

To gain deeper insights during shoulder replacement surgery, the HOLO x-ray tool was utilized.

This tool enabled Dr. Trenhaile to slice through the patient's CT scan as a hologram, providing a detailed internal view to identify any areas of concern to the shoulder surgery. The virtual screen of the navigation interface was placed in the same field of view as the incision, so Dr. Trenhaile could visualize the patient and the indicated anatomy simultaneously for the entire procedure. This integration of the navigation interface and the RSQ HOLO system proved to be an excellent combination and maintained a clear understanding of the exact location both on the patient and the imaging throughout the procedure.

With the aid of these technologies, the surgical team proceeded to drill the center hole and perform the subsequent reaming.

The integration of the ExactechGPS navigation tablet and RSQ HOLO system proved to be an excellent combination, offering precise visualization of the surgical field and the navigation system simultaneously. Surgeons were able to maintain a clear understanding of their exact location throughout the procedure.

Increasing accuracy in corrective surgery

As the operation progressed, the base plate was skillfully impacted into place during the shoulder replacement surgery, with its precise position meticulously recorded. Subsequently, the screws were securely inserted.

This stage demonstrated yet another advantage of the integrated systems, as the surgeons could accurately identify the points at which the screws penetrated the bone.This gap should match the pre-prepared holographic wedge, and the exact angle of the grafts can be prepared accordingly.

The utilization of a navigation interface with the RSQ HOLO system during a total shoulder arthroplasty exemplifies the benefit of leveraging multiple advanced technologies for optimal surgical outcomes

The combination of these innovative tools allows real-time guidance, enhanced visualization, and meticulous planning, benefiting various surgical procedures including shoulder surgery. This comprehensive approach ultimately contributes to the success of the procedure and the well-being of the patient.

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