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HOLO your way into
the new healthcare

RSQ HOLO is literally a holographic Operating Room. Leave the retro flat screen and become a better surgeon through the HOLO system.

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Anatomical 3D holograms

Ever wanted to actually grab the patient bones in you PACS? All your dicom CT scans can now mimic actual objects in real space.

Holographic display

RSQ HOLO works amazingly through Microsoft HoloLens goggles. Sounds like magic but technically it's just a PC on your head.

100% sterile holograms

You can take your holograms anywhere since technically they exist only in front of your eyes. More precisely, they are light projected onto your retina.

Virtual reality in healthcare, vr surgery

Intuitive and natural
interaction with medical data

Ever wondered about Sci-Fi movies where future physicians display virtual holographic EMR screens and analyse complex anatomy with 3D holo models? Wait no more, the future has come and is gradually becoming a new standard.

The learning curve is app. 5 to 20 minutes. The user manual comes down to "you can grab all that you see".

The ultimate healthcare practitioner solution

Holographic systems and mixed reality are the ultimate interface. Prepare for a new healthcare data analysis standard.

Use the hand gestures or smart dictation to take notes, start recording or take pictures of your surgeries.

Vr surgery, vr in surgery, vr for surgery
Augmented reality in healthcare, mixed reality in healthcare

Numerous integrations: PACS, EMR & navigation

Improve all systems you already use. RSQ HOLO is compatible with most PACS, EMR, arthroscope towers and navigation systems. Use numerous virtual screens and dicom based holo images.

Medical collaboration and telemedicine reimagined

Collaborate with a team of up to 10 people in the operating theatre or call someone into a holographic remote teleconsultation from anywhere in the world. Telemedicine enters a next level with your remote presence

Virtual reality in healthcare, VR in surgery
VR surgery, virtual reality in healthcare

Remote medical education and training

It is ever more important to get the best training without that overseas travel. Train people remotely sharing you POV with all that want to excel at your technique.

Physicians about RSQ HOLO

Scott W. Trenhaile, MD

an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoIllinois in Rockford

Mindbending tech. Also very practical and intuitive. One of new features is that you can stream any screen into the goggles in a holo-screen form. I don’t have to turn my head and can see the HOLO screen and place it anywhere.

Przemysław Lubiatowski, MD, PhD

an orthopedic surgeon at Rehasport Clinic
FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

During the surgery I had an incredible opportunity to watch a 3D hologram of the joint and bone fracture without turning my head away from the surgical field. After just a few minutes, I forgot I had goggles on my head.

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Tomasz Piontek, MD, PhD

an orthopedic surgeon at Rehasport Clinic FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

RSQ HOLO system improves the quality of operations in hip arthroscopy. Thanks to the possibility of using holograms in real time, we can accurately implement the treatment plan.

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Request a RSQ HOLO test surgery

Give HOLO a go before you buy, request a test surgery to make conscious decision.

Initial offer

We'd love to know your usual setting, the PACS, EMR, arthro tower or navigation for integration compatibility.

Test surgery

Based on dicom CT, XRAY and MRI we tailor your test surgery experience. We will teach you before and guide you through your first surgery.

Final offer

Last valuation and implementation plan in your facility.

RSQ HOLO deployment and support

We configure, ship the system and train your staff. Once you start using, we are here for you providing continuous support.

Created by RSQ Technologies

We create healthcare solutions to heal the software used for treating patients. RSQ solutions are being used globally by over 5000 physicians.

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We are certified experts

RSQ HOLO complies with European Union directives and is registered as a Class 1 medical device.

We are devoted to quality hence we certified our management system for quality in medical device manufacturing.

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Microsoft HoloLens plays a vital role in RSQ HOLO, hence we decided to cooperate with Microsoft and participate in the Mixed Reality Partner Program.



RSQ HOLO is constantly evolving.

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