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Distal radius osteotomy

Przemysław Lubiatowski, MD, PhD about RSQ HOLO
Przemysław Lubiatowski, MD, PhD

Distal radius osteotomy is a surgical treatment used to correct deformities and malunited fractures of the distal radius bone in the wrist.

Corrective osteotomy surgery may involve cutting and repositioning the bone, and bone grafting may be necessary to fill gaps or defects in the bone.

Watch the video to see the RSQ Holo features during the procedure, performed by Professor Przemyslaw Lubiatowski, directly in the operating room.

*Measurement features are only available in the USA.

Holograms in surgical procedure corrective osteotomy

Preoperative planning is a crucial part of the procedure, and holographic technology can be used to aid in this process.

By preparing holograms of the patient's wrists and bones, surgeons can gain a better understanding of the anatomy and deformity before the surgery even starts.

Measurement devices can also be used to evaluate the size of the bone, allowing surgeons to better prepare for the appropriate size of bone graft to be harvested.

Osteotomy with RSQ HOLO can be used to inspire the level and direction of the osteotomy, further improving the accuracy of the procedure.

Desired size and angle of the wedge can be prepared beforehand.

Hologram of the patient's wrists and bones can be brought into the operating fieldsin straight way and can easily be inserted inside the patients hand to give a better impression of anatomy and deformity before surgery. The different colors can be used to have a better differentiation between different holograms used during the operation.

Increasing accuracy in corrective surgery

During the surgery, x-rays can be used to ensure that the bone is in the correct position and to assess the gap formed after the osteotomy.

This gap should match the pre-prepared holographic wedge, and the exact angle of the grafts can be prepared accordingly.

The final picture show appropriate correction of the osteotomy, resulting in improved alignment and function of the wrist.

Proper preoperative planning and the use of holographic technology can help to improve the accuracy and outcomes of distal radius osteotomy.

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