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Thanks to the possibility of using holograms in real time, we can accurately implement the treatment plan.

Tomasz Piontek, MD, PhD about RSQ HOLO
Dr hab. n. med. Tomasz Piontek

an orthopedic surgeon at Rehasport Clinic
FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

About Dr. Piontek

An orthopedist specializing in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the lower limb, co-author of the development of modern surgical techniques, incl. regeneration of articular cartilage and meniscus (AMIC).

Hip arthroscopy with RSQ HOLO

Member of many national and international medical societies, General Director of the Smith + Nephew SNACE School of Arthroscopy. A graduate of the Medical Academy in Poznań (Poland), where he defended his doctorate, obtained the second degree of specialization, and finally the academic degree of habilitation.

He is an international trainer of surgical techniques for arthroscopy of the knee and hip joint.

About Rehasport

One of the leading orthopedic clinics in Poland, with headquarters in Warszawa, Poznań, Gdańsk and Konin, as well as over a hundred Licensed Rehabilitation Centers all over Poland cooperating with it.

Hip arthroscopy | Do it with RSQ HOLO!

Rehasport is not only a place for treating injuries, but also a modern medical center that focuses on scientific development and technological progress.

The clinic looks after thousands of athletes, both professional arena champions and amateurs. It cooperates with five sports unions, as well as with several dozen clubs.

Dr. Piontek Holo's favourites:

Hip arthroscopy

RSQ HOLO is perfect for hip arthroscopy  joint, when the doctor cuts out bone elements that bother the patient and cause damage to soft tissue, labrum and cartilage.

Adapted for people with glasses

The RSQ HOLO system is adapted to people who wear glasses. It does not prevent them from using goggles during the procedure, even if it takes more than an hour.

For lower limb orthopedists

The device is very useful in the work of lower limb orthopedists. It is perfect for procedures involving fractures and deformations.

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Thoughts on RSQ HOLO
in hip arthroscopy

This device is very useful in the work of lower limb orthopedists, because this is what I do. Whether in procedures involving fractures and deformations, or in situations where you need to improve the axis and find the right solution.

In such situations, it is very useful to have a three-dimensional image, to be able to observe it during the operation, insert it into the operative bed, or find points of reference for where I want to be.

The first recommended use of the system is the situation after fractures, when there are complicated deformations and we want to perform correction, osteotomy or bone stabilization.

Another use of the system, which suits me very well in my practice, is during hip arthroscopy. One of the main recommendations for hip arthroscopy is the femoroacetabular impingement, i.e. impingement in which there is an excess of bone or the acetabulum. Then we are talking about a cam impingement.

Another recommendation is femoral deformity, i.e. cam impingement. In English we call it "cam" and "pincer" and that's how it is called in the media. The arthroscopic surgery means that I see this arthroscopic image and, remembering what the hip joint looks like, I resect the appropriate bone elements that disturb the patient and are the main cause of pain and damage to soft tissues, labrum and cartilage.

Whenever I can and when it’s recommendable, I use the RSQ HOLO system.

We look a bit like astronauts, because we are wearing these goggles, but they do not interfere with the observation of the actual operative bed. I wear glasses on a daily basis, but this system is so adapted to a person that it does not prevent me from using the goggles during surgery, even if it takes more than an hour.

Mixed reality - microsoft hololens

Meet the future

RSQ HOLO is here to reshape the future of healthcare bringing beauty and excitement back into healthcare software.

We are doing this for you as well as for ourselves as a part of a mission of bringing the highest quality tools to those who treat our friends and families.