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Incredible opportunity to watch a 3D hologram of the joint and bone fracture without turning my head away from the surgical field.

Przemysław Lubiatowski, MD, PhD about RSQ HOLO
Przemysław Lubiatowski, MD, PhD

an orthopedic surgeon at Rehasport Clinic
FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

About Prof. Lubiatowski

A world-famous orthopedist specializing in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the upper limb. In 2021, the President of the 29th Congress of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow SECEC-ESSE, which was held in Poland for the first time in history.

He was the chairman of the Eastern Europe Committee of the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, president of the Polish Shoulder and Elbow Society, as well as a member of many other medical, scientific and sports-related organizations.

He is a graduate of the Medical Academy in Poznań, where he defended his doctorate, obtained the second degree of specialization, and finally the academic degree of habilitation. In 2020, he became a professor of medical sciences.

About Rehasport

One of the leading orthopedic clinics in Poland, with headquarters in Warszawa, Poznań, Gdańsk and Konin, as well as over a hundred Licensed Rehabilitation Centers all over Poland cooperating with it.

Hip arthroscopy | Do it with RSQ HOLO!

Rehasport is not only a place for treating injuries, but also a modern medical center that focuses on scientific development and technological progress.

The clinic looks after thousands of athletes, both professional arena champions and amateurs. It cooperates with five sports unions, as well as with several dozen clubs.

Prof. Lubiatowski’s HOLO favourites:

Elbow arthroscopy

An exceptionally useful function, especially in elbow arthroscopy,
in which many elements are difficult to see with the naked eye. RSQ HOLO is an extension of the doctors' imaginations.

Precision of actions

The most important thing for doctors involved in reconstructive surgery. It concerns, for example, minor fractures, multi-fragment fractures or distal fractures of the joint bones.

Ease of use

Learning to use RSQ HOLO is very simple. The system is very intuitiveand easy to learn. The entire learning process can take one 15-minute meeting.

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Thoughts on RSQ HOLO
in elbow arthroscopy

It is most commonly used in, unsurprisingly, injuries, multifocal and multi-fragmented fractures, where having a holographic image right in front of us greatly facilitates our spatial imagination.

Finding individual elements, collecting all of them and combining together allows us to see this image basically without having to touch anything, as the hologram in space is absolutely sterile.

Another thing I’d consider an advantage is arthroscopy, especially elbow arthroscopy, where, in the case of degenerative changes, there are a lot of osteophytes that we have to see in three dimensions and get to them. Then in the visible image, where elbow arthroscopy is an arthroscopy where relatively little is visible and some things have to be imagined, it is like an extension of our imagination, and we have this image right in front of us, literally above our operative bed, so we do not have to turn our head.

We don't have to remember this image, but we can look at it at any moment, practically almost never taking our eyes off the spot we’re operating on.

Another promising application, perhaps even the greatest, is the correction of bone settings for example, after badly healed fractures, such as a defective healing of fracture of the distal part of the humerus, where by using appropriate wedges, we can carefully monitor the location and angle of bone cuts.

Precision is most important, especially in highly specialized procedures where our result may depend on the smallest of things.

This precision will help us and those who deal with this type of reconstructive surgery and surgery that requires great detail and a lot of specialization. Most of my colleagues who have dealt with this type of system are absolutely delighted, because it can change their procedures.

This applies to, for example, minor fractures, multi-fragment fractures, fractures of the distal parts of the articular bones, such as hip and knee arthroscopy; we are already starting to navigate with the holographic system in the arthroplasty of the shoulder joint, which is one of the most difficult arthroplasty procedures.

In my opinion, learning how to use this system is very simple. Basically, it took me one meeting.

My colleagues, who also use it, literally learned it shortly before the surgery. Of course, the more you use it, the more nuances become apparent which also teach you new things. As well as the fact that it can be later used to record certain things, to stream this image to, for example, another colleague someplace else or to other learners, so this system gives a lot of possibilities. However, the basics I talked about are very easy to learn and are very intuitive.

Mixed reality - microsoft hololens

Meet the future

RSQ HOLO is here to reshape the future of healthcare bringing beauty and excitement back into healthcare software.

We are doing this for you as well as for ourselves as a part of a mission of bringing the highest quality tools to those who treat our friends and families.