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Have any questions about HOLO?
We’ve got all the answers.

Can I try out the RSQ HOLO system before buying?

Yes, you can test RSQ HOLO, please contact us in order to do this.

How much does RSQ Holo cost?

Please contact us to learn about the pricing.

Is RSQ HOLO a medical device?

Yes, RSQ Holo is completely safe. The product is registered as class I medical device.

Is the data stored in RSQ HOLO safe?

Yes, all data is stored on very secure servers. You can use our servers or servers at your facility / hospital. RSQ Holo has a login system that allows only its owner to use it.

How can I buy RSQ HOLO?

Contact us and we'll do the rest.

Who can use RSQ HOLO? Do I need special training?

We will train you to be an expert!

Can I use RSQ Holo if I wear glasses?

Yes, you can use RSQ HOLO while wearing glasses. The goggles are adjustable to fit any size.

How do I submit a complaint?

If your product or service has a physical or legal defect, you have the right to file
a complaint with an indication of the request:

- price reduction or withdrawal from the Agreement
- replacement of the item with a non-defective one or removal of the defect.

You can submit a complaint by sending an electronic complaint to the following address:, or in writing to the address ul. 27 Grudnia 3, postal code 61-737 Poznań.
The complaint should include:
- name and surname / company name,
- home address or company registered office address,
- e-mail address,
- description of the subject of the complaint together with an indication of the period of time
to which the complaint relates,
- the circumstances justifying the submission of the complaint (description of the presented problem),
or what features or functions the Motion System or its parts do not have, while, according to the
assurances or the method of presenting it to the Customer, it was supposed to have.

Mixed reality - microsoft hololens

Meet the future

RSQ HOLO is here to reshape the future of healthcare bringing beauty and excitement back into healthcare software.

We are doing this for you as well as for ourselves as
a part of a mission to bring the highest quality tools to those who treat our friends and families.